Banks To Big To Fail? Too Big To Know What’s Going On!

I read with amusement this morning a story from Yahoo!/Huffington Post about Chase messing over a couple regarding their mortgage and ultimately, foreclosure.  I’ve been involved with similar scenarios regarding Countrywide/Bank of America on a couple of occasions for clients.

Interestingly enough I had a conversation about banks yesterday with Steve F of the Bank of Blue Valley.  Naturally, he took a more defensive posture for banks.  Understandable for two reasons:  1) He works for a  bank.  2) He works for a bank that isn’t too big or stupid for the left hand to not know what the right hand is doing.  I like Steve and the Bank of Blue Valley.  They have always been very responsive to my needs.

Just another reason to consider the size of the bank when building a relationship.  Real estate investors, are you listening?

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