Where Have I Been?

I’ve been here.  I’ve been here.  🙂

I have received quite a few emails from readers of BBQ Capital:  Kansas City Real Estate & Investing asking what is going on.  And the answer is “nothing, really.”  I’m still working as a real estate agent here in the Kansas City area.  In fact, March saw four closings.  When you are a real estate agent, closings are good.  I have two more on the board for the next thirty days and I would expect another one coming very soon.

But as many of you know I also have other business interests besides my REALTOR responsibilities and my own investment property.  And that has kept me very busy.  Along with coaching my 5 year old’s soccer team…which I enjoy beyond belief.

Mostly, however, I just needed a break.  Writing and talking about real estate nearly every day just wore on me and I just couldn’t face the keyboard.  It wasn’t fun.  It was work.  Drudgery, really.  So without explanation I took a mental holiday away from it all.

A holiday away from the mismanagement of the financing changes.  A holiday away from the discussions of ever expanding contracts ( I turned in a 63 pager the other day!  63 freaking pages!), from CNN, Fox News and even the beloved Kansas City Star.

I think those of you in the technology business (a great portion of my investment real estate clients) call it a sabbatical.

Now here is the bottom line.  My batteries are recharged, my indignation level building and my continued need to teach refueled.  So stay tuned….   🙂    And in the mean time you can check out this article in today’s Kansas City Star about where all the real estate agents have gone.  Odd timing, huh?


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5 responses to “Where Have I Been?

  1. Pat

    Good article in the Star. That formar agent was a gem. The agent left the biz because clients take her time.

    Welcome back.

  2. Chris


    It is good to have you back. Completely understand the need and desire for a sabbatical. I am slightly jealous.

    Have you changed your perspective at all on which neighborhoods are solid investments in the KC area?


  3. Pat – I did find that funny myself. You CAN make some serious money in real estate. Without an MBA or Doctorate. But you will have to give up something. I don’t mind the odd hours. It suits me. I just can’t sit in an office. 🙂

    Chris – If anything, the current real estate situation has only reinforced my belief in the neighborhoods I speak about. And thanks.

  4. I figured you were on a mental health break, as I’m way past due myself. 🙂 In-house soft personnel recently informed me we’re going to Hawaii sooner rather than later. OK — sign me up.

    The article? Loved the part about how many hours and how ‘difficult’ it is to get RE license. Pullllease. 🙂

  5. Hawaii? Sign me up, too.

    Regarding a real estate license, it’s the least expensive way I know to start a business that can generate $100,000 in income. It should be required that there is no whining allowed about phone calls at 8:00 at night or having to go to 6 classes to get a license. All you really learn anyway is how surveys are done and what an appurtenance is.

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