Taxpayers Still Paying For Rich Guys

Listen, I’m a fiscal conservative and people have the right to make whatever amount of money they can make.  But damnit, I’m tired of paying for it when the money ultimately comes  through my tax dollars and pointless consumer fees. 


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5 responses to “Taxpayers Still Paying For Rich Guys

  1. Pat


    Are we going to start now and cut the pay and benifits of our federal, state, and local govt employees and also services provided? Social security needs to slow in growth (third rail). If we don’t act now, the bill will be much larger for you and your childern.

    I am in the military and think my future retirement and benifits should be on the table. I would accept a slower growth like inflation minus 1 or 2% instead of the inflation protection I will have.

    My brother works in the building industry and earns less then he did in 1973 when compared in current dollars. The govt employee has been protected from inflation and has had real growth in income and benifits.

    We need to look at what services govt provided 20 or 30 years ago an go back to that level of support.

  2. Pat


    Come back to the board.

    I hope you have been able to get some of your money back by selling to first time home buyers or current owners using the $6,500.00 credit.

    Stand on principle and not take any buyers using these credits.

    The next big thing is when the FED stops buyer home mortgages on the secondary market.

  3. Pat, I’ve been taking a blogging break. Renew the mind.

    I won’t “stand on principle” because it would have me playing by different rules than everyone else. A sure way to go bankrupt.

    I will lobby and vote to my beliefs. But I will play by the rules that are laid before all. I’ll have to to make enough money to survive what I fear will be the ultimate end result. Inflation.

  4. Every time its the common man who has to face the heat. It’s the same every where. I am from India and the condition is really bad here, the rich is getting richer and the poor is coming down to roads, the politicians just know how to fill their own pockets. It’s disgusting

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