“Here is what I would do…”

One of my favorite things about the real estate business is working with friends, family member and advisors of my clients.  They all like to say “Here is what I would do regarding…”

And I understand my position.  I am not your brother, uncle, dad, son, etc.  I’m just a guy who even in his worst year, worst, helped 17 people buy and/or sell a house.  I’m just a guy who even though I do this “part time” sold $3,000,000 worth of real estate last year.  I’m just a guy who has helped over 225 people buy or sell a house in the 9 years I have been doing this. 

So even though my advice is opposite the advice of your advisors who have been involved in maybe  8-10 sales over their lifetime I know who you are going to listen to.  I just have to understand and work with that. 

NOTE:  If you think I’m talking about you, you may be right.  On the other hand, this happens in nearly EVERY transaction.  So don’t take it personally.  It’s just the way it is.  🙂  And hey, I know everyone means well.  That’s why they are trying to help.


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4 responses to ““Here is what I would do…”

  1. Preach it BrotherMan.

    Over the years I struggled with outside ‘advisors’ who were simply…wrong. About 15 years ago I finally hit on a policy with which I could live.

    They wanna do something silly? Fine. I have a document for them and their advisor to sign, saying they’re refusing to follow my professional advice, and have been informed of the potentially negative consequences.

    Only two advisors have agreed to sign. Most of the time either the client quietly does what I advise, or happily for me, goes elsewhere. Both ways I’m not involved with a future founded upon FUBAR. 🙂

  2. Andy

    Chris, what would you do about appraisers/lenders who take money and waste people’s time? I think I’ve got a baseball bat somewhere…..

  3. Appraisers have to get paid up front…

    Lenders on the other hand…

    We’re working on it Andy. I’ve got wheels in motion. But keep the baseball bat handy just in case.

  4. Love It!!!!!

    Very well said!

    I’m so tired of the “no cost loan” advisors (HINT: THEY DON’T EXIST), the Realtor…who hands out 3 business cards and says…”here call these people…” We need “go-to” guys in this industry, not the “one and done” losers that are absorbing so much of our time, by filling our clients full of fantasies!!!!

    Great post!!!

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