Odds and Ends from Kansas City

– First thing is first, did you see the score of the Kansas v Missouri game last night?  I was in Allen Fieldhouse and the place was rockin’. 

– But anywho, just wanted you to know that good things come to those that are patient.  A few weeks ago I posted about a roof situation and the roof was covered in snow.  I asked, mockingly, if we had to wait until the snow melted.  Well, we did.  It’s finally checked out and we close tomorrow at 4:30.  Congrats to the buyers that I think are getting a good house.  And to the seller.  And to everyone involved being a bit irritable at times (see me) but never the less being patient and professional.

– It’s nice to see Obama has finally gotten the message.  He has talked about jobs and the economy more in the last week (since the Massachusetts election) than he has the previous year. 

– Working on a deal to tie in to some vacation property down at the Lake of the Ozarks.  I’ll keep you posted.

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