Underwiriting Dilemma

Okay, so we’re trying to close on a house that had a new roof installed and a upgraded electricity put in.  The underwriter doesn’t want to take my word for it that the work is done.  That I understand.   After all, I stand to make money on the deal.  But he hasn’t answered as to whether or not receipts are acceptable.  And no inspector wants to check off on the roof because there is 6″ of  snow on it, the temps are below 10 degrees, they say 2″-4″ more of snow is coming tomorrow and finally, temps are not expected to rise above 30 degrees for the next ten days.

Are we just supposed to delay closing until June?  🙂


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5 responses to “Underwiriting Dilemma

  1. Empathizing big time. If underwriters had any huevos to begin with, they wouldn’t be underwriters. But that’s just DarthBawldGuy talkin’. 🙂

  2. Remember, this is that snow you sometime envy.

  3. Pat

    Can the seller escrow money (8K) until the roof passes inspection. Does roofer stand behind his work?


  4. Eric

    Looks like someone needs a ladder and a shovel… 😉

  5. Pat – Extra costs. We think, think the receipt is gonna work this time.

    Eric – Not Me! 🙂

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