Sorry I’ve Been AwayBut…

…how can I be busy every day and yet don’t think I accomplish anything?

…thank Goodness Zach Greinke won the Cy Young.  Otherwise my head was going to spin right off my head.

…just heard the dumbest reason a house can’t close.  Seriously, the reasons just keep getting more and more ridiculous.

…interest in real estate investing is rising again.  Though action has yet to follow.

…Kansas plays Memphis tonight.  If you need to talk to me after 9:00 pm CST, good luck.  🙂


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2 responses to “Sorry I’ve Been AwayBut…

  1. LOL!

    You and I both. This is the first time in 6 months that I have been out in the Blogosphere. Don’t tell anyone, but I found a WordPress plug-in that rotates your posts so it appears you are always posting new content!

    Since life and sales have slowed down, I gathered some of my fellow bloggers up here and we committed to get back on our sites. We are going to post 20 posts in the next 30 days. Not too tough, but should be enough to get out of the funk and build momentum going into 2010.

    Take it easy and have a great Christmas.

  2. For me I just sort of lost my muse. But it’s building back. I can feel it. Glad to hear you are getting back in the swing. Us investment guys have had a tough 2009.

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