How To Inflate A Housing Market And Steal From The Next Generation

train wreckMy head hurts.  More rather, I hurt for my kids and their kids.  I’m going to take a very un-popular stand for a real estate agent to take:  The Home Buyer Tax Credits are bad for our current housing market and they are bad for the future health of our economy.

The Washington Post
The home-buyer tax credit:  Throwing good money after bad

Congress set to expand home-buyer tax credit

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  These are the rules before me so I will maximize those rules to the full benefit of both my clients and my family.  I’m going to need to.  Can you imagine the weight of national debt our children are going to have on them?  What will Jake’s effective tax rates be when he’s forty?  (He’s currently seventeen.)

And then, as if Fannie Mae cannot mismanage the system as they have it now, they are going to start renting back properties to the very people they took them from!!!!!!!!!!  (Thank you Aaron for the heads up.  Sadly, this was already on my radar.)

Fannie-Mae to rent out homes instead of foreclosing

Inflation-70sNever in my life did I expect to have a government so bent on buying votes.  Is there anybody this administration is not trying to throw money at?  I don’t get too political here on this blog.  But it cannot be too hard to figure out that I am a fiscal conservative.  There are times to borrow and times to pull back.  There are times to invest and times to take your losses.  How much debt will we have standing before us before this four years is over.  Bush spent like no other President ever and I resented that.  But this guy is spending so many times what Bush spent it’s unbelievable.

Take advantage of it and use it to your benefit.  You are going to need hard assets when inflation comes.  And I’m more convinced than ever that the government will have to use inflation to eliminate some of the debt.  Buy an investment property or two for your future.  You’re gonna need’em.


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4 responses to “How To Inflate A Housing Market And Steal From The Next Generation

  1. Another Investor

    I think I’m going to need some good crop land for the time when inflation comes. I want to grow something I can ship on Warren Buffett’s railroad to the West Coast ports. Sell food in inflated dollars to the folks overseas that own those dollars.

    What does good crop land cost these days?

  2. AI – I don’t do raw land. But I know it’s still a slow, slow market. How about that Buffett character? Man knows what he’s doing…

  3. Nancy Kilburn

    Love it! Awesome post! I respect you for going out on a limb and expressing your opinion. Remember: without Jimmy Carter, there wouldn’t have been a Ronald Reagan. Now, that is real HOPE!

  4. Nancy, it’s not so much that I go out on a limb. It’s just that I cannot control myself with what I see going on. 😉

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