Kansas City #30 Strongest City…Economically Speaking

Perusing Yahoo! recently I saw that Business Week had ranked the 40 strongest economies when speaking of cities.  As expected, the list is jam-packed with metro areas found between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains.  Especially when looking at the Top 10.

oz01I know that both coasts consider a large part of that area as “fly-over” country.  I know they consider us backwards, a bit behind the times, lacking in intellectual prowess.  I know this, because I spent 15 years of my adult life in Suburban Maryland.

“Wow.  You must be glad to not be living in Kansas anymore.”

“What are tornados like?”

“Do you know Dorothy?”

And other stereotypes abound.  But isn’t it funny that if it weren’t for that very are of the country our nation’s economy might have totally collapsed.  Yes, being conservative both politically and economically does have it’s stereotypes and weaknesses.  It also has it’s strengths.

Take a look at the list.  Kansas City is #30.

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