Swine Flu Had Yours Truly

swine-flu1I literally went from feeling normal (such as that is for me) to feeling achy and knowing I was going to be sick in less than an hour.   Most of last week I had a temperature and still this week I have a lingering cough, cough, cough that comes along with full recovery.  Yes, folks.  I had the swine flu.   Pretty cool, eh?

But in our modern world of political correctness we cannot upset the swine so I’m told it is now called H1N1.  Whatever.  Four of us got it.  Myself, my second son and my first daughter and the little friend from across the street.  My wife, oldest son and youngest daughter have skated through unharmed.  Funny.  We all live in the same house and breath the same air.  Guess I’m just one of the weak ones.

As I sat reading and researching all last week and weekend I learned a lot about our current real estate market.  More of that to follow.  Till then, cough, cough.

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