Dear Peter Gammons: Shut Up.

zack greinkeSo I heard Peter Gammons explaining the other day that Zack Greinke isn’t really his Cy Young candidate because despite his MLB best 2.14 ERA and having won 14 games with the Kansas City Royals (who have a win total of 62 games before last night) who offer no run support at all to his outings.

Gammons’ reason. “Well, he doesn’t have to pitch every night against the Boston Redsox or New York Yankees.”   Hey, are you aware that there is baseball not found on ESPN’s eternal promotion of Sox v Yankees?  Ever heard of Chicago White Sox or the Los Angeles Angels?  Have you seen the Angels’ team batting average?  Just because you live in Boston, work in Bristol, and slurp up NY doesn’t mean that baseball isn’t also played elsewhere.  Idiot.headUpAss

But don’t take my word for being an idiot.  Take last night.  The famed Boston Red Sox that Zack Greinke cannot compete against LOST 5-1 in Kansas City.  Zack had SIX SCORELESS INNINGS and lowered his ERA to 2.08.

Is the Cy Young for the best pitcher in the league?  Or is it for a pre-designated east coast baseball player?  Peter, just leave a comment and let us know here in KC so we can figure out if you ever watch baseball.  Hopefully, you stayed up late last night and watched that game.

Now I’m off to go argue about one of the most ridiculous appraisals I have dealt with in a long while.  Probably an east coast appraiser.


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4 responses to “Dear Peter Gammons: Shut Up.

  1. Is that a photo of the appraiser that you mentioned there in the bottom photo?

  2. Man, came ‘this’ close to coffee out my nose. 🙂

  3. Andy – I thought the photo could apply to Mr. Gammons or the appraiser. It’s a double threat.

    BawldGuy – Don’t mean to sound like an angry, jealous fan. I lived in the east for 15 years. I know the dismissive attitude very well that says “if it didn’t happen here, it didn’t happen.” Just watch ESPN. We here in KC are pretty used to being looked over. And in marginal cases, that’s okay. But this kid deserves the Cy Young. Just compare numbers to numbers. And his team stinks!!!! and yet he has still accomplished these numbers.

  4. You’re talkin’ to a Padre fan here. East coast bias is in ESPN’s DNA.

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