I Know I’m Supposed To Be A Cheerleader, But…

After my blog post titled Kansas City Set To Rebound the other day I got a few private emails and a telephone call asking me for the real “facts.”   🙂

Also, I’ve been doing a couple of investment property analysis for people and in some of my down time reading up on other articles.  So I thought I’d point you to a few places that aren’t necessarily as rosy as the traditional media would have you believe;

Agent Genius:  Housing Market Resurgence or Political Spin? (Realtors come together to discuss the current housing market…the comments are worth reading, too.)

FHA Reserves Drop Below Base (The Washington Post reporting yet another housing crisis looming.)

Feds Seek To Limit Pay (Again, The WP reporting.  Personal feelings?  Since when does our government for the people and by the people come in and tell people what they can/should earn?  Oh, belly ache at the evil bankers all you want.  Your job description may be next.)

I’m just glad I don’t live in Ohio.  Haven’t these people suffered enough?  (A Yahoo! story.  My title.)

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