Where There Is Development There Are Jobs

And where there are jobs you can expect housing to be more in demand.  And if housing is more in demand you can expect an upward pressure on prices. 

kansas city wizardsToday I logged on to KansasCity.com and about spit out my orange juice.  The Kansas City Wizards soccer team owned by OnGoal LLC (think Cerner) has decided to abandon the Bannister Mall (now a huge pile of nothing since it’s been torn down in anticipation of building a soccer specific stadium) and keep the team in Kansas City, Kansas just a few thousand feet from where they currently play.  See the full story here

My Initial Reactions
Kansas City, Kansas continues to out-fox Kansas City, Missouri.  Which, given the leadership of KCMO over my lifetime really isn’t saying too terribly much.  But KCK was a wasteland twenty years ago, commercially speaking.  Now western KCK is alive and vibrant….but taking a hit in this current economy. 

KCK’s property taxes are too high.  They need these 4,000 jobs that Cerner will bring to the area in conjunction to the Wizards and fans to generate spending which then generates more sales taxes which can help to alleviate the problem of highest property taxes in the KC area for the residents of western Wyandotte County.  That’s 4,000 people eating lunch, shopping and a good portion of them looking for housing somewhere close to their jobs.

Kansas City, Missouri could screw up a wet dream.  ‘Nough said.

It’s brilliant for the Wizards.  Fans are already used to driving to that neighborhood for the games.  There is plenty to do before and after the game with all the shopping and restaurants (see the polar opposite of what KCMO did with The “K” and Arrowhead Stadium) and of course there are some pretty nice bars if your festivities head into the early evening. 

Note to Jeff Brown:  This is the area where we all had that steak dinner before you left town.  I knew Google Search would alert you to your name being mentioned.  😉

This really sucks for the people of the Bannister area.  They could use some positive news.  But sadly your city government blew it again.  Something tells me this wasn’t all about money.  In fact, I’m quite sure of it.


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2 responses to “Where There Is Development There Are Jobs

  1. Seems like a no-brainer. I wouldn’t want to take my daughter to anything over in the thug-a-licious Bannister area….or most of the rest of KCMo for that matter. I wonder how many folks would have left Cerner if they’d moved there.

  2. Your description of the leadership history of KCM reminds me of El Cajon, an incorporated city in the eastern region of San Diego County. Their dumbest move ever? They actually tried to ‘muscle’ Costco.

    Ya can’t make this stuff up. They remind me of the baseball scout whose main comment on his 3×5 card on a young Willie Mays was, ‘has trouble hitting curve ball’. 🙂

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