Bank of America Makes Me Laugh

BUSINESS-US-BANKOFAMERICA-LEWISI went home for lunch today.  While sitting there eating my baked ham sandwich (with Cascone’s Creamy Italian Dressing, umm, umm, good) and watching CNN a commercial from Bank of America came on with several very caring individuals showing empathy and letting us all know how much they care about your housing situation.  I think the point was that if you are having trouble, contact them, tell them your situation and they will help you to work things out. 

Ha!  Almost without exception every interaction I’ve had with BOA loan servicing has been a complete joke.  I’ve actually taken my sign out of people’s yards that I was trying to help because of Bank of America’s caring and responsive attitude.  I can promise you that they don’t care and they won’t respond.  Or, more truthfully, they are so over-whelmed and under-staffed that they don’t know which direction to head first. 

I think it’s a step in the right direction that Bank of America is putting on such a commercial.   It means they may finally be realizing that they have a problem.  Doing something about it would be nice, too, don’t you think?

Now let’s be clear.  I think BOA is a great place to get a loan.  Just don’t expect too much if there is trouble.

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  1. Although not directly related… I just posted a story about BOA. Not my favorite company right now…

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