Is Time On Your Side?

Thinking the market for investment homes is going to get better?  You might want to think again.  For about 18 months I’ve been hearing that this fall, the one staring us in the face, would be the worst period of foreclosures this real estate market has seen.  Well, it’s here.  Are you ready?

The White House is busy convincing us the worm has turned in our economy.  Now, the people still losing jobs (or not find them) and the people not spending money on retail anything may disagree.  And I’m somewhere in between.  I don’t believe we’re going to be in a “V” recovery.  I’m think more of an “L” or possibly a slow “J”.  In any case, I think we’ve seen/are seeing the best we’re gonna see.

If you have cash that’s been sitting on the sidelines now is the time to think about jumping in.  Seriously.

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  1. Andy

    Looks like solid advice. I look forward to hearing your thoughts (after the new rules start hitting the road) as to which route looks easier for folks deciding on SFR vs duplex for the long term.

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