First Time Home Buyer Success Stories

congratsOver the weekend I had the opportunity to help two different first time home buyers close on their very first homes.  Both home buyers were married couples.  One bought a new construction home in Gardner, Kansas and the other an older home in an established neighborhood (read: fully grown trees!) over in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  Both have taken a great step towards financial security later in their lives.

Your first home purchase represents many, many things;

  • Your hopes.
  • Your dreams.
  • Your commitment to one another.  (If married.)
  • Financial responsibility.
  • A desire to put down solid roots.
  • A desire to own something.
  • A desire to have a huge nest egg at retirement.

Owning a home is no easy task.  When they were renters (and one was a tenant of mine for the past three years…never late on rent) they could call their landlord and say “Hey, the furnace isn’t blowing cold air.”  But now that they are first time home owners they take on that responsibility.  It was my job as their REALTOR to help them to make good choices and to help them think through future expenses before putting their names on that initial offer.easybutton

Home ownership is a step I highly recommend for most people.  Though, quite frankly, there have been a few times in my career that I’ve recommended people to continue renting.

Thinking about the first time home buyer tax credit?  You better hurry.  The first time home buyer credit expires November 30.   Call me at 913.568.1579 (same as pushing the Easy Button) to discuss whether it can work for you, or not.


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2 responses to “First Time Home Buyer Success Stories

  1. I think untill we get the credit mess fixed we are in for along road

  2. And the great news is that deadline for buying your new home was extended until April 30th, 2010. This gives you a bit more time to shop around and apply for financing.

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