Kansas City: Right In The Middle

Seriously, is there any category in which Kansas City is not right in the middle range?  We are in the middle of the country with easy access to everywhere.  Our housing prices?  Right in the middle.  Our income per capital?  Right in the middle.  Our unemployment, Fortune 500 jobs, spending, saving and now job postings?  Right there in the middle!

KS_4758I find it kinda humorous sometimes. There are so many reasons we do well here in KC.  And so many reasons we don’t excel.  I love Kansas City as a safe-haven for at least part of your real estate investment holdings.  But it’s long term growth here.  Nothing fancy.  We’ll just keep moving with the pack.

Look for us right in the middle.


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3 responses to “Kansas City: Right In The Middle

  1. Pat

    What is wrong with being in the middle?

    I have lived in DC and like my home town which is in the middle.

    The only problem is I get paid in the top 20%, not the middle.

    I like my properties right here in the middle so I can come home and get a bussiness deduction.

    I guess the only problems in the middle are Jay Hawks.

  2. Oh, I like the middle. I just think it’s boringly consistent. But now the Jayhawks are always near the top! 🙂

  3. Pat

    Thanks for the picture.

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