Investor Loans, Flooding & Soccer

Wow.  What a weekend.  First, I watched the US Socer team squander their greatest opportunity in 125 years by losing to Brazil 2-3 after leading at the half by two goals!  We (the US) are developing better players with better soccer skills. But playing against the greatest of soccer nations show we still lack the foot magic, the ability to control in tight places and the lack of understanding to know how to keep possession to kill a clock.  (Jeez.  Now I’m sounding like Herm Edwards.)

Then, I sold a house.  The bad news?  Some of my best tenants are buying a house.  The good news?  They used me as their REALTOR.

Then on Monday one of my investors locked at 6.5% with no points (75% ltv) on a non-owner occupied loan.  Not too shabby.

Then today I get a call from a tenant for a house I manage to say water is coming under the wall to his basement.  Uh oh.  I drove over immediately and found water coming out of the front door of the lower unit of this duplex.  Somewhere between last Tuesday (when we were there last) and today a hot water pipe fitting had burst.  The kitchen ceiling lies on the floor.  The kitchen cabinets are ruined.  Oy.

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