A Walk Through Kansas City’s BBQ Past…And More

Follow this link to a KC Star page with a photo feature of Kansas City’s BBQ Past.

Singingposter*** *** ***

Sorry for the lack of posting this week.  Just trying to keep my head above water.  I have two closings this Friday/Saturday.  And in the last 7 days I’ve had four houses go under contract.  Writing an offer tonight.

Real estate is a funny business.  People will read the above paragraph and think about “all the money” I make.  Yet what they forget is I had zero closings in March and May.  So you can make money in real estate and you can make more than being a grocer.  But you must be a good money manager because this is the way it comes.  Good times come in streaks.  So do bad times.

*** *** ***

Here in KC we’ve gone from cool and cloudy to hot and steamy in about 6 seconds.  Amazing

*** *** ***

The current real estate market is an enigma here in Kansas City.  I can name neighborhoods that are red hot.  I can name neighborhoods that are ice cold.  Location.  Location.  Location.  Precisely why some neighborhoods appreciate at a greater rate than others.

Now I’m off to an inspection.

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