Kansas City, Kansas Duplex For Sale

Kansas City, Kansas Duplex For Sale – Price Reduced $10,000

Out of state owner says SELL this Kansas City, Kansas duplex.  The owner’s priorities have changed over the years and now he is moving on.  That means he’s held on to this duplex for sale too long and just wants to move on.  His loss is your gain.  Each side rents at $695.  One side is currently occupied and the other side is getting some minor renovation done before new tenants are placed.  It’s had a good occupancy history and has been professionally managed.

Attention Real Estate Investors: As of 7.2.2009 the owner has dropped the price to $87,500.  He wants to move on.  Now how would the numbers look? 

Do the math. You buy at $95,000.  Each side is bringing in $695 you are at $16,680/yr.  Follow?  Look below.

Estimated ExpensesKansas City Kansas duplex for sale

$1,668   Property management
$1,400   Vacancy
$   500  Utilities
$2,300   Taxes
$1,500   Repairs/maintenance
$   900   Insurance
$   500   Misc

Total Expenses equal $8,768

Net Operating Income is appox $7,912

Your mortgage payments add up to $505.63/mo.  (That’s 20% down leaving a mortgage of $76,000 at 7.0% interest since it’s an investment property loan.)

NOI – Debt Service = Cash Flow

$7,912 – $6,068 = $1,844 /yr cash flow

Your Principal Reduction = $715 (approx 1st year)

Your Tax Benes = (NOI – interest – depreciation) $85 (approx 1st year)

Total 1st year benefits (approx) = $2,644
Cash invested (down payment, closing costs, etc) = $22,300 (approx)

First year return as a percentage = 11.9%

Now what would the numbers be if you managed the property yourself? 

All numbers are of course estimates and this is not a guarantee of performance.  Just trying to use all the numbers I know.


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7 responses to “Kansas City, Kansas Duplex For Sale

  1. Another Investor


    Show the numbers for an “all cash” purchase. Lots of folks out there have the cash and the rate of return might attract a few.

    Also, your seller should mow the lawn!

  2. If you pay cash…which I’m not crazy about…your return would be…

    NOI = CFBT of $7,912
    Your Principal Reduction would be $0
    Your tax benes would be ($1,475)

    Take $7,912 – $1,475 = $6,437/$98,000 ~

    Approx 6.6% ROI first year

  3. Scott

    Are you still able to find investor money at 20% down? Most I have seen are up to 35%.

  4. Not too long ago with BoA. But it may be regional as people from around the country keep asking…

  5. Such a deal! And you don’t have a buyer for this? Amazing!

  6. Jo Abraham

    is this still available? where is it located? address please.

  7. Jo,

    I sent you an email concerning another duplex. Didn’t realize you had commented on this duplex. No. This duplex is no longer available.


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