Home Sellers Should Wise Up

You know, here in Kansas City the real estate market is not as bad as everywhere else, thank you God.  But still, I’m a little amazed at what I’m running into of late.  Keep in mind I have been selling real estate since May of 2002.  Never before have I run into so many sellers re-arranging the showing times I call for or asking me to call them when we’re done…giving the impression that it’s annoying and inconvenient for me to even bring buyers to look at their home.

And their weak real estate agents are on board with this?  Yes, because some of them are the ones calling me.

Listen, selling your house sucks.  Leaving when people want to see it IS inconvenient and it can be annoying.  Just another reason to price your house where it should sell to begin with that way you don’t spend four, five or eight months leaving your home to let someone else look at it.

But by all means, keep making the buyers feel uncomfortable to visit your home.  Keep asking top dollar when your house isn’t in the condition as the one for sale that sold down the street.  Keep offering small two hour windows per day that buyers are “allowed” to view your home.  (Loved the days on market on that one…322.  Surprised?)

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