Will You Be My Friend? Facebook & Twitter

facebook-logoWriting a blog about Kansas City real estate and investing keeps me busy.  Selling real estate in Kansas City keeps me busier.  Because of the amount of business I receive through this very blog, referrals and previous customers I don’t really do any other advertising.  Other realtors I know find this to be simply unbelievable.   But it’s true.

If you are a Facebook user you can follow this blog by going to this link To be my friend in Facebook simply search Chris Lengquist.

twitter-logoTwitter is another matter all-together.  I have been struggling with Twitter for months now.  People I like and respect tell me it’s a great tool.  I just haven’t been able to emerse myself in it.  On the one hand I think it’s really cool.  On the other hand, not so much.  But let’s be clear, if it’s a tool that will help me to better get the word out to help my clients and would be clients then I need to embrace it.  And would do so willingly.  To find me on Twitter you’ll need to search for me as kcinvestments.  Don’t know why I picked that but I did.

Twitter is mostly a business tool for me.  At least that’s how I see it developing. Facebook is a place where I mix my business and personal life. I’d love to hear what some of you think about all of this.  I will say that I’ve been real estate blogging since January of 2006.  That makes me an old man at this by blogging standards.  I’ve just been so much slower to wrap my arms around the Facebook and Twittering.  Is it even manly to say you “tweet?”

By the way, anyone see that Kansas City Royals comeback in the 9th last night?  Wow!


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5 responses to “Will You Be My Friend? Facebook & Twitter

  1. Another Investor

    I added you as a “follow.” I guess that makes me a “follower.” “Follower” has an unpleasant Charles Manson zombie sound to it, though.

    Hard to limit my comments to 140 characters, so I can’t say I love Twitter. I do agree with those who say it’s a great marketing tool. The KCK duplex tweet caught my attention immediately, and I wasn’t in the market for one!

  2. AI – I’ll be preparing some Jim Jones Kool-Aid later. 🙂

  3. Another Investor

    Kansas and Kansas City have their share of crime and criminals, but it’s hard to top these guys. Just another area in which California leads the nation…

    If I drink the Kool-Aid, does that mean I’m going to buy the farm instead of the duplex?

  4. I hear you. Twitter is confoudning to me too. I try to make it work and find a useful angle for it in my business but I just end up frustrated and annoyed.

  5. Chris – agreed. By the way, your website looks nice.

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