Rental Property Swarmed By Bees!

honey-bee-hiveSo yesterday I get a call from a tenant that is something I’ve never heard before.  And if you own and/or manage rental property, you know that is quite an accomplishment.  Seems the tree out in front of the house is covered in bees!  I asked “How many.”


Ah, did she say millions?  This is a great tenant that was calling.  Rent almost always arrives BEFORE the first.  She’s not really prone to exaggeration.  And she thought she meant literally millions.  That could be a problem.

I asked what kind of bees and she was thinking honey bees.  I called my exterminator guy and he said he could get to them and kill them.  Though with the honey bee shortage of the past years I didn’t think that was a good idea.  While I was still mulling what to do about this I got another call from the tenant.

“I found a bee keeper that wants them.” 

Perfect!  I don’t have to be Josef Mengele to the honey bees, the bee keeper gets more inventory, and the honey bee population of the Midwest isn’t crushed by yet one more hive.

Good tenants are hard to find.  I think this one is going to get a $25 gas card from QuickTrip as her reward.


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2 responses to “Rental Property Swarmed By Bees!

  1. midwestgreen

    Good for you and for your tenant – – I’m so glad the bees found a home and weren’t killed. Definitely give that tenant a prize!

  2. We will. I promise. Besides, this is a case where doing the right thing was actually the most economical choice.

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