Can Kansas City & St. Louis Really Get Along?

743-bus_oped_03-08-2008_IG11N0J7.standalone.prod_affiliateIn a rare act of cooperation a St. Louis based real estate agent and I (a Kansas City based real estate agent) are working together.  Matt has referred to me a gentleman looking to buy a house in the Kansas City area because his son will be going to dental school up at the University of Missouri Kansas City for the next three years.  Regular readers here of BBQ Capital: Kansas City Real Estate & Investing know that this is one of my favorite ways to own an investment property.

Anyhow, the gentleman is coming in tonight so that we can look at a couple two or three possible houses for sale for him to choose from.  I’m hoping he’ll see the wisdom of the Red Bridge area for his particular needs.  But back to the purpose of this post.  Can Kansas City & St. Louis really get along?  Let’s look back at some of the ways the two cities have had issues.

  • When money is needed for stadiums Jefferson City gives St. Louis partial funding (some of that Kansas City area taxpayer money) and Kansas City is rejected and has to raise all their funding from it’s citizens.
  • When money is needed to keep the bus systems running in both cities St. Louis gets several million while Kansas City is told there is no more money.
  • St. Louis gets a really cool arch built by the federal government.  Kansas City, well, no arch.

SABERHAGEN WORLD SERIESSo as you can see St. Louis usually gets the better of things and native Kansas City Missourians have what you might call deep seeded reservations about the city to the east.  Of course, me being from Kansas, I think it’s all really pretty funny.  So in the end, that’s probably why Matt and I can get along.

But oh, did I forget to mention the 1985 World Series?  Kansas City got the better of that one, didn’t we.  Even came back from 3 games to one.  Ha!


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4 responses to “Can Kansas City & St. Louis Really Get Along?

  1. OK Big Guy, you have ’till next year’s World Series to keep talkin’ about KC’s win in ’85 Series, then the 25 year “We won the WS” rule goes into effect. 🙂

  2. Hey. It’s all I have to hold on to, baseball wise. Although I say don’t sleep on the Royals. No, we’re not winning the American League. But we’re not a pushover anymore.

    Plus, it’s the one thing KC has over St. Louis and it really irritates the St. Louis crowd to this day. 🙂

  3. BTW, Josh and I were at the KC/Angels game last Saturday. Was the best pitched game I’ve seen in person since I witnessed Randy Jones vs Tom Seaver in the ’70’s. Grienke had a terrible night with his control and still threw a complete game, giving up the only run of the game on a sac fly.

    It was over in 2:05 too!

  4. That’s baseball the way it was supposed to be. (I lose interest when games go over 2.5 hrs. Wasn’t designed to be a 3-4 hour game.) I was watching the game on tv. Grienke is just in that zone.

    Hope he stays there.

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