Missouri Audit Update & More

defcon_3The Missouri auditor finally arrived to day.  I’m nervous and relieved all at the same time.   Just hoping all of our forms are approved and pass the mustard.  Naturally, she wants a bank statement that hasn’t arrived yet so I’ll have to run up to the bank here in a few minutes to get it.  If that’s all I have to do I’ll be happy.


With the adjustment of investment property financing in the last twelve months I’ve been working with more and more primary home buyers.  This weekend I was out looking in Brookside and Leawood at homes in the $295,000 – $320,000 range.  Tomorrow I’m out in Lee’s Summit looking at homes in the $150,000 – $160,000 range.

Keeps me busy.  I like busy.

Just to let you know the client asked to see 14 homes.  Of those fourteen she asked for, just a week later seven have gone Pending.  Think the market is crashing?


Wish there were more inventory of homes in a particular target area.  I have more buyers than properties.  Actually, only about one property a month shows up for what I’m looking for and we’ve been too slow the last three times.


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2 responses to “Missouri Audit Update & More

  1. Christy Z.

    What area? My husband would say – ‘our house is always for sale’ 🙂

  2. Waldo area. That general area.

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