Star Trek Movie Review From A Closet Trekkie

Warning: This post has absolutely nothing to do with Kansas City Real Estate Investing.

tribblesOkay, so I admit it.  I’m a closet Trekkie.  No, I don’t own a Federation uniform.  I’ve never been to a Star Trek convention.  And I don’t currently own a set of blueprints to that beautiful bird the Enterprise.  However, I do admit to having seen every episode of the original series far more than I’d like to count.  I do have a Star Trek watch.  And I scoff at the notion that Star Wars will ever be as cool or cutting edge as Star Trek.

With that full disclosure I want to say I caught the 9:00 pm preview session of Star Trek last night and it rocked!  Heck, even their website is super cool.  But back to the movie.  I’m forty-four.  And even though there has been about a 40 year gap between the end of the series and this movie the characters, to me, were spot on.  Spock looks like Spock.  Dr. McCoy is as wry and sarcastic as ever.  Kirk is nothing more than a pirate with a really cool ship.

Speaking of Kirk, I told a guy waiting in line last night that I couldn’t wait to see the movie to see which “Star Trek” foreign policy makers we were gonna see.  To me, Deep Space 9, The Next Generation and all were all too peace loving.  Always trying to negotiate and see the other side.  Give me Kirk.  Shoot first, ask questions later.  After all, this is the movies, let’s have some fun and blow some things up! Then take their women.

Anyway, I loved the movie.  Oh, I’m sure there are some purist out there that will find something wrong.  But for me, I fell right in.  Maybe because I wanted to.  Now I can see future Star Trek movies that don’t include a geriatric crew.  I loved the originals.  But I’m not ten anymore and they certainly shouldn’t be sleeping with aliens and violating the prime directive at their age.

I was going to bring up how awesome the Royals are doing but I’ll save that for another day.  If you are reading this and like Star Trek get out and see the movie.  If you are in KC get out and see the Royals and the new “K”.  I’ve been and it’s an awesome upgrade.



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3 responses to “Star Trek Movie Review From A Closet Trekkie

  1. I love Star Trek! And I won’t be mad if called a trekie, in fact I think it is way cool. I am just a bit to old to do the dress-up things and collect spaceships but those who do please have at it and enjoy. I miss Deep Space Nine, truly it was a void in my life when it went off the air–but I pick up books from the library when I need my dose of space. Glad to hear the new movie is good, I’ll be checking it out! Fellow trekies closet or not get beamed up!

  2. I wouldn’t post about the Royals yet. You wouldn’t want to jinx it would you?

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