“Going Green Sounds So Much Better Than Cutting Expenses”

Anybody else sick of companies all over America claiming they are “going green” when what they are really doing is cutting down on postage expenses and shifting the paper costs to the clients?  I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. I’m not even saying you shouldn’t do it.  I’m just saying the Spin Doctors are out in force in everything we hear.  You literally cannot trust anything.  (Except me.  😉   )

This just in from the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors:

So Long Paper Bills – E-mail Billing Starts July 1
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For KCRAR and Heartland MLS, the Green movement is taking a big step on July 1, 2009 when we’ll switch to paperless billing.  Instead of printing and mailing or delivering thousands of paper bills each month, the standard HMLS and KCRAR accounting system will upgrade to electronic billing with delivery via e-mail.  Unless you opt to continue receiving paper bills, your invoices and statements will be delivered to the e-mail address you have on file with KCRAR / HMLS.  To check that e-mail address, go to https://ims.heartlandmlsweb.com and login to view your “Personal Information.”

Still want that paper bill?  Fax the Billing Preference Form found under the Membership section of  “Forms & Documents” link in the right hand column on this page.  You may opt to continue receiving paper bills at no charge during 2009; charges for paper bills, as outlined on the Billing Preference Form, will take effect in January 2010.

treeLet me get this straight, if we want to not save trees by going paperless we need to use even more paper and electricity?  Let’s call it what it is…You want to save the money.  It makes more sense for an individual realtor to hit print on his email and expend the $0.10 in paper and electricity (because we’ll need that receipt for our taxes) than it does for KCRAR to continue to foot thousands for the expense.  I get it.  JUST QUIT CALLING IT “GOING GREEN!”

Every credit card company I know wants me to “go green.”  Every mortgage company I have, too.  They want me to foot the bill for having the copies.  I never opt to “go green.”  I make them keep the cost.  That is until one of them actually comes clean and calls it what it is.

Editorial note:  I don’t hate the environment or KCRAR.  In fact, I love the fact that KCRAR provides free education for member realtors.  They can do this because they are consistently over-funded.  Cost saving moves like this are to be admired.  I just want what it is called what it is.  🙂  Kind of like when Lowes and other retailers used to have 2.5′ long receipts and everyone called them out they went back to practical sized receipts.  I don’t need an advertisement with each receipt.  I just spent money with you, as you might know by the receipt!


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4 responses to ““Going Green Sounds So Much Better Than Cutting Expenses”

  1. Agreed.

    I personally don’t make decisions because they are “green”. If I can save some money or cut down on waste, great. If I add a couple of miles per gallon by driving carefully, I’m all for it. If I can take my aluminum cans in and they give me a few bucks, why not?

    Here is an example… Me and a pastor from our church went down to the City Union Mission downtown recently to go on a tour. They just built a brand new shelter that was actually quite amazing. The tour guide pointed out at least 10 “green” features of the new building. Although he used the term “green”, he was very clear that these features were implemented to save money so they could feed one more homeless person. For example, they used rain gardens to collect water runoff so the city wouldn’t charge as much for wastewater. They had windows strategically placed so they didn’t have to use lights much. They use geothermal heating. They have a reflective roof, etc. This is the kind of green that I can get on board with.

    I might just have to make a blog post about this.

  2. Ditto. I recycle when I can. But recently just canceled my Olathe recycling at $3.00/mo because they now say I have to pre-sort everything and no glass. Well, glass is about half of what we do and I don’t have the room nor inclination to have a paper container, and aluminum container, a plastic container, etc.

  3. Dianne Stevens

    When I click “Print” to save my statements and receipts, I print to PDF and store the electronic copies. I happen to use Adobe, but there are free PDF creation applications available, such as PDFForge’s PDFCreator. This solution also allows me to store multiple copies in backup should my storage device crash. To achieve the same redundancy with paper copies would require more work and more floor space than I’m happy to surrender.

  4. That’s fine. But I have one corporation that owns two businesses. I like the paper for the monthly file folders because all of that goes to the accountant.

    I find it easier all the way around to print the page and throw it in the drawer. At the end of the month I throw it all in an envelope labeled March 2009. Then that all goes to the accountant.

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