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Sorry I’ve been away this last week plus.  Here are my list of excuses;

  • The NCAA Tournament held it’s Sweet 16 (as far as my beloved Jayhawks made it) through Championship Game and those that are regular readers know I worship college basketball.
  • I celebrated my 44th birthday with my family.  In my mind I just graduated high school…
  • Getting ready for Missouri audit.  Looking and re-checking each and every document over the past 12 months to be sure each box is checked.  For every mistake they can find both property management wise and real estate wise it’s about a $250 fine.  That adds up.
  • Just needed a writing respite.

But sadly for you I’m back!

Here is a little blurb from the Kansas City Star that is telling…

Retail and recreational development in Wyandotte County has helped raise the average weekly wage in the county 7.5 percent, the seventh-largest increase among 335 large U.S. counties. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Wednesday on increases from the third quarter of 2007 to the third quarter of 2008. The average wage rose 4 percent in Johnson County and 3 percent in Jackson County. It dropped 1.7 percent in Clay County. Those counties average weekly wages: $867 in Johnson; $830 in Wyandotte; $851 in Jackson, and $765 in Clay.

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