Taxes and Your Rental Properties

depreciation-surpriseOkay.  This is not going to be a long post.  I just wanted you to know that I picked up my taxes from my “tax guy” yesterday and had a pleasant surprise.  And a big part of that surprise was the rental property factor.  It can be like “found money.”

Depreciation is your friend when you own investment property.  I have written about Depreciation and Your Rental Property before and everything I have to say about it can be found at that link. 

Let’s say this one  more time:

“There are 4 basic benefits to owning investment property.”

  1. Cash Flow Before Taxes
  2. Principal Reduction
  3. Tax Benefits (Depreciation included)
  4. Appreciation

Just go to the categories section on the right side of this real estate investing blog and you can look up the tag: 4 Benefits of Real Estate Investing.  You can read those links and you’ll learn what you need to learn.


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3 responses to “Taxes and Your Rental Properties

  1. Personally I’m biased toward principal reduction. 🙂

  2. You know Personal Reduction is my absolute favorite. Even when fully leveraged I just get a kick out of someone else helping me to buy the place.

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