What Are Kansas City Real Estate Investors Looking For?

Q: I’m looking to wholesale homes to investors in the Kansas City area. I’d like to know the answer to one question. What are the top 3-5 things Kansas City investors / landlords look for in a property they’d be eager to buy?

A: I have wholesalers call me each and every week.  All believe or hope that I may have a stable of ready buyers for their properties. 

In no way will I want to appear rude here, but usually if a wholesaler is involved the numbers will not match up with the expectations of most of my more experienced buyers.  Because that’s just one more layer of expenses that have to be worked through to see if the numbers work.

Top 3-5 Things A Kansas City Real Estate Investor Is Looking For

  1. Price/Value/Equity– Whether my buyer is looking to Buy & Hold, Rehab & Rent or is daring enough to Buy, Rehab & Sell they will all be looking very closely at the numbers.  Buy & Hold is probably willing to accept up to 85%-90% of CURRENT market value after all update expenses and closing costs.  Whereas a Rehab & Rent guy will probably be looking for a ceiling of 75%-80% of CMV and a B,R & S guy will be looking at 60%-70% of CMV.
  2. Location – This depends on the budget, down payment, credit scores and end-use goals of the individual investor but you can expect most of my buyers to be looking at clean, safe neighborhoods where appreciation is more the expected than the exception.  Even in this economy.  Jeff Brown calls it the Grandmother Test.  (If grandma wouldn’t spend the night there maybe you need to reconsider.)
  3. Exit Plan – Is this neighborhood likely to increase in value, stay the same or sink a little?  Who is moving in?  (People making more money than their neighbors or less?)   Are they taking care of their houses?  Any new development, both positive and negative, expected for the area in the next 3-10 years? 
  4. Tenant Pool – What kind of tenants will this property attract?  Are there enough of those kinds of tenant about?  Where will they come from?  Where do they work? 

Wholesaling tends to take place in the less than $70,000 price range around most of Kansas City.  It does happen some over that price range, but not nearly as much. 

If a house meets the criteria of the above I’m always willing to look at it.  Just email me the needed information.  listwithchris at kw.com


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5 responses to “What Are Kansas City Real Estate Investors Looking For?

  1. Great article. Very detailed and helpful. Thank you. One follow up question for you…when you say “Wholesaling tends to take place in the less than $70,000 price range around most of Kansas City”, is that $70k referring to the wholesale price or the current full market value of the property?

    For those interested, I am going to have some homes to sell at 40-60% of current market value less repairs. If you want to get on my VIP buyers list, hop on over to my website. Thanks!

  2. Follow-up…To get to my website, click on my name.

  3. Pat

    When ever I see someone wants to sell “wholesale homes to investors”, I think someone is trying to find the greater fool. If the homes have value, list them with an agent and get market price. If they do not want to list them, I question the location, if they are over priced, and wonder what out of town invester was taken for a ride.

  4. Pat

    It is a shame that Brian is trying to use “Chris’s Blog” to sell his investment system. Use a local agent like Chris to get through investment system instead of paying to learn what Chris provides on this blog.

    “A fool and their money are soon parted.”

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    Step #2: Go out and put up those 200 signs… and…

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    So, I tried that.

    The result?

    A measly 4-6 calls. Motivated sellers, these people were not.

    Here I was: making and putting up signs, cold calling owners trying to motivate them to sell, going door-to-door trying to find owners willing to sell. And the more I did all this, the more humiliated, demoralized, frustrated, and miserable I felt.

    I was on the verge of ending my real estate investment career before it even began…

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    She hesitated for only a moment and then readily agreed.

    Finally, After 4 1/2 Months…A Deal!

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  5. One of the reasons I do this blog (make no mistake, the first reason is it makes me money) is to educate people as to wise real estate investing.

    If someone decides wholesaling is a good idea then so be it. Just know I am NOT a party to it.

    It can work out for everyone involved. But usually their is at least one person being taken advantage of. Will it be you?

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