…our charting boards at our Keller Williams Realty office in Olathe had twice as many entries on the sales board as the listings board.  Is this just a spring bounce or are we beginning to clear off some inventory?jayhawk

…the Kansas Jayhawks have just beaten Missouri to a pulp to avenge an earlier league loss to them.  That puts the Jayhawks on the cusp of winning their fifth Big 12 title in a row…9 of the last 13.  Amazing.

…right now I’m working with a lot more “regular” home buyers than I am with investors.  It’s been a trend over the last six months.  With investor financing comparatively more expensive and difficult to come by it just makes sense.  Now, a couple of the regular home buyers are combining some sort of the Buy & Live real estate investing strategies I’ve advocated for years.  So that’s smart thinking on their part.

vacancy_sign_lrg_clr…rents seem to be holding up in most of Kansas City.  Where I see a definite softness is in the real low income properties and on the outskirts of Kansas City.  Blue Springs, which I’ve loved for years, has had a movement to “soft” and I’m no longer thrilled about it.  Though it’s still not a bad place to be.

…here in the Kansas City real estate market we are holding up pretty well.  But advantage still goes to the buyer in much of the area. 

…why do some real estate agents give up so much information about their clients?


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3 responses to “Ramblings….

  1. Pat

    …why do some real estate agents give up so much information about their clients?

    What the point at the end of your blog? That you give us the “good” information or is it that you are saying that buyer’s agents are not informing their clients?

  2. Good question.

    Not so much recently as I’m working with for very experienced real estate agents. But in the past I’ve had agents that talk too much give away their client.

    For instance, once I had a REALTOR working for the seller give me a counter offer of “X” but kept talking. He went on to say that he felt there would definitely be a little more room there.

    Funny thing is the “X” number was a number my client had already authorized me to accept if we got down to that number. So naturally, I just said I’d see what I can do. Called my client, and then called the seller’s agent back and said that “X” was still too high and gave a counter…which his client eventually accepted. 🙂

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