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boiling teapotLet’s be clear, this real estate investing blog is a resource of Chris Lengquist, a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty, Diamond Partners, Inc. located in Olathe, Kansas.  (A suburb of Kansas City.)  Most people seem to understand that.  But lately I’ve had literally dozens of emails wanting free counseling and advice while “using my cousin who has a license” type people.

Hey, this website has a wealth of knowledge on it concerning the owning and operation of Kansas City real estate investment property.  It’s all here and free to be read.  You don’t have to register.  You don’t even have to use me as your real estate agent.  But please, do not call  or email me for quick advice if you have no intention of ever using my services.  Show some respect.  Hey, I know, have your “cousin” read this blog so he or she will know something about what they are talking about.  🙂

Not trying to be hateful here.  If I was that way I wouldn’t do this blog.  I put out this real estate investing blog for the following reasons;

  1. It brings me a consistent flow of contacts and leads.  (People read.  People like.  People choose me to represent them.)
  2. It stops people from making mistakes.  Lots of them.  (I’ve had many a person call or email to say “thanks” for some piece of knowledge they found on here.)
  3. Anything I can do to stop some people from investing is fabulous.
  4. Anything I can to to get some people to invest is terrific.

BBQ Capital: A Kansas City Real Estate Investing Blog is my pride and joy.  I actually run several sites and blogs.  But this is my baby.  I pour out my emotions on real estate investing, crooked agents, barbeque and Jayhawk basketball on here all the time.  Consistent readers get to learn who I am before ever picking up the phone.  I’m here and I’m transparent.  But I won’t work for free.  😉

If you ever want to just discuss owning rental property here in the Kansas City area just pick up the phone or drop me an email.  I love to talk about it.  But not if you have no intentions of ever using my services.


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8 responses to “Real Estate Investing Real Estate Agent

  1. Obviously your opinion is your choice and this post is in response to a specific incident (or several), but I personally wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss anyone who doesn’t intend to use my services.

    There are probably very few people who are going to find your site and start reading it with the intention of using your services. In your own words: “People read. People like. People choose me to represent them.” Keep that in order. People don’t decide to hire you as their agent and then start asking questions, they ask questions in order to get to know your skill and level of education on matters before hiring you. I understand that the main point of your post is in response to those that are abusing your knowledge, but hey, maybe their cousin will screw up and they’ll be looking for someone knowledgable to help them. It will probably be the person who offered them free quality advice once before, not the person who told them to stop asking questions unless they’re ready to start paying.

  2. Matthew,

    you are a regular reader and we’ve spoken over the phone and yet you’ve never bought a house through me.

    I’m not talking about you. 🙂

    I litterally speak to hundreds of people every year. Some are testing the waters. Some are in a bad situation. Some are ready to roll.

    No one need commit to me just because they call me.

    But recently I’ve had some downright weird approaches. They tell me they don’t want to use my services because they want Person X to get the commission but can I answer a few questions.

    My answers come from years of experience, education and research. Taking time out of my life to speak to you so that someone else can make a commission is of no interest to me. Know what I mean.

    I certainly don’t want people to stop checking in. I just want people to listen to what they are asking.

  3. Pat


    I am a lookie Lou. Find your posts reinforcing for my four purchaces in KC. Have made many of the mistakes listed in your posts except for overpaying for a home. When my 84 year old mother no longer sells in KC, I will give you a call. Missed your comments on the game in Columbia.


  4. Chris, as a fellow agent in a little different situation, I agree with you completely. As you know I actually run a group that is to provide the education that many of the people call and ask about. We have a membership fee and an an interactive message board where people can ask questions and get answers for free.

    I too get people calling all the time – where canI find this form, how do I get in touch with this person, how would you do this. Sometimes I may know the answer and I don’t mind a question now and then, but when all I do is get phone calls asking questions all day, I can’t get any of my work that actually pays the bills done. I direct them to our online message boards where they can ask all the questions they want and get several responsed from several other members, but they still insist on calling me.

    I also get the person who calls up asking questions that there is no way to answer. How can I be a real estate investor. Can you answer that if 3 mintues. Don’t tell me anything I need to write down because I am driving.

    Then there are the people that just finished a seminar. Don’t get me wrong I am all for a seminar. But there is one in particular that gives their students a script to get in the door of a realtors office where they have a list of questions set up to suck the knowledge from the realtor. And I find that only one in twenty, if I am lucky might actully buy a house.

    Think about it, would you expect the Dr to sit and answer questions for free on the phone all day for people who are not even their patients. Realtors are the same, #1, they are not supposed to be giving advice to anyone who is not their buyer or seller client, it’s all wrapped up in agency. A Realtor that is not already working for you does not know anything about you, your financial situation, your knowledge, or your real estate investments and probably is not in any position to answer any questions for you with out the facts. Just like a Dr should not answer health questions with out knowing your health history, an attorney can’t answer your legal questions with out knowing your situation.

    So please think before you ask.

    Sorry comment is long Chris. This is a hot point for me too.

  5. Pat,

    You are welcome to look all you want!

    As far as Columbia goes, that hurt. But that is the Kansas M. O. all year. Including last night.

    Get big lead.

    Let other team back in.

    Hang on for win or just barely lose. Throw out two of our losses and the other three are by a total of 4 pts after having big leads in two of’em.

    Young team. We’ll see what happens on March 1. 🙂

    But MU is really coming along. Whomever has to play them in a second round game is going to regret it!

  6. Kim,

    We all know when “the seminars” come through town. If you buy me lunch, we can talk. 😉

    One time, I finished the guy’s script for him and he hung up on me!

    For outside readers, this goes on ALL THE TIME. The “gurus” I make fun of sell and pass out these scripts. As the realtor my role is to spend 8 hrs a day looking for that one dolt seller. Then after having found a couple possibles the “investor” still wants to put in a ridiculous offer that will never be accepted because, after all, my real estate fees are eating up all their margin.

    I could go on. But at the risk of being misunderstood I’ll stop right here.

    Again, if you are a possible or experienced real estate investor we want to talk to you…even if you don’t end up using our services. But if you just came from a Kyosaki (sp?) seminar please throw the book away and listen to real life experience.

  7. Hey Chris — First a confession: I’m addicted to conversations with new people.

    I don’t get nearly as many phony calls as most. Don’t know why. When I do though, I tend to have fun with ’em. By the time I’m done, they’re usually so frustrated they hang up. Meanwhile I had a good time. I ask them so many detailed questions they sometimes forget what they told me a few minutes earlier. Good times.

    My policy is to respond to every email generated by my blog. More often than not it ends up in a phone call. I’ve never received a seminar caller which leaves me feeling a bit left out. 🙂

    Since 1978 I charge folks, not all, a fee to become a client, or simply to have unfettered access to my expertise and advice. The deal is, most of them end up doing business with me. When they do, the fee is credited to them in escrow. It separates the doers from the talkers. Plus, they very much appreciate the transparency of charging the fee, but crediting it back when the rubber hits the road.

    I always have a fairly large stable of those to whom I’ve given free and virtually unlimited access, but who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge for various reasons.

    Make sense?

  8. I really don’t have too different opinion than you when it comes to 99% of the people. But apparently Kim and I are the only two agents 😉 who get calls from the Seminar Goers.

    I think the seminars can be a very good way to get introduced to real estate investing. They are not all evil.

    But I also think that I’ve noticed an increase in the people just wanting to do it themselves, with my help…at no charge, of course.

    I’m not trying to whine here. Just trying to make a distinction between helping someone and helping someone else earn a commission.

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