A Fix For Investment Property Lending

investment-reading“Others would see what’s possible and do the same. There are literally thousands of real estate investors, big, small, and tweeners, who’d love to be able to acquire more real estate while the gettin’s hot. But they’re stopped before they get outa the starting blocks because either they can’t find a lender in the area, (Hellllllo FHA) OR they’re too successful as real estate investors and, golly Aunt Bea, we don’t want that, right? After all, who do those thousands of investors think they are anyway — Americans investing for their retirement? Guess they should be waiting on all that money they’ve been makin’ with their 401(k)’s, right? (Ouch!) “

The above paragraph comes from a well written blog post giving one man’s answer to the current lending problems.  Believe me, if you are a real estate investor, it would be worth your time to make the jump over and see what Jeff over at BawldGuy is saying.    And be sure to read the comments.  Much to be learned there from Another Investor and BawlGuy debating.

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