Yes! Corp BBQ Leaving Kansas City’s Power & Light

A story by the Kansas City Star today says Famous Dave’s is leaving the Kansas City Power & Light District.  Thank you, God.  The last thing I ever wanted to happen was for some poor out-of-towner to think that was Kansas City BBQ.  Jeez. 

Good riddance.  Adieu.  Bon voyage.


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3 responses to “Yes! Corp BBQ Leaving Kansas City’s Power & Light

  1. Aaron

    Exactly. I would much rather have no representation of BBQ (i.e. the Old Chicago that’s replacing Dave’s) than a misrepresentation that out-of-towners may think is KC BBQ (Dave’s). Ideally, we would get a real BBQ place down there, but there’s something about a little, hometown, no frills, KC original that just doesn’t fit with the character of the P&L. Don’t get me wrong, I like the P&L and hole-in-the-wall BBQ joints, just not sure they go together. 🙂 However, Jack Stack may be able to wear both the “hometown” and “upscale” hats and do well at the P&L; although they may not want to over-saturate the area considering they already have a restaurant in the Freighthouse District.

  2. Thanks for reading! Gates, Wyandotte, Bryant’s and more should set up some sort of ferry service to their places from the P&L!

  3. MJ

    Amen to that brother!!!

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