Interest Rates And Should You Buy Now?


The single biggest reason you should be thinking about buying a home now is interest rates.  Seriously.  Have you checked them lately?  Give your mortgage person a call.  You’ll be stunned if you haven’t been paying attention.

Then, a home buyer client of mine sends me an email telling me about this interest rate opinion and I was both happy and a little worried.  What if we start to get deflation?  That would be a tragedy I would not want to see come to light.  My base instinct says we won’t get there.  Or anywhere close to there.  At least not with the amount of capital the feds keep pumping in to the economy. 

Right now really is a great time to buy a home in Kansas City.  If you have a down payment, a good job or business with verifiable income and a good credit past you can do quite well.  Better than your parents had ever hoped of doing.   At least as far as buying a home is concerned.

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