Are You A Savvy Real Estate Investor

To be a savvy real estate investor really doesn’t take all that much.  I can recognize them immediately.  It’s just a few simple things, really.

I represent the seller of four fourplexes (4 unit apartments) for sale down in Gardner, Kansas.  I got a call/email from his real estate agent yesterday asking for;

  • a copy of the Schedule E for the last three years.
  • a rent roll with ACTUAL rents, not pro forma.

There you have it.  Someone is taking a serious look based on numbers, not speculation.  After having those items and weighing any future potential this investor thinks the properties will or will not have he or she will know whether to buy or not.


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3 responses to “Are You A Savvy Real Estate Investor

  1. Its refreshing when you see real investors back in the market. As prices come down and cap rates make more sense more of these conservative real estate investors get involved. The more they get involved the closer we will get to market bottom. Lets hope its soon!

  2. My name is Maria and I am a professional trustee buyer in Arizona. I have the inside track to buying direct from the courthouse steps and then selling on the open market in what is a very fast growing market. I think you will like the numbers I can turn and if you would like to see my PowerPoint presentation, feel free to email me with you contact info.

    I’ve had several clients who were, at first, leery of this type of ROI primarily because when you hear those two words, Real Estate, it tends to make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up, especially if you lost money in the market. However, the Arizona market is beginning to recover from the economic downfall and because we were one of the hardest hit states in real estate, there is an abundance of foreclosed homes to sift through when we go to the courthouse steps.

    I’ve made a few of my clients over $20,000 in a 3 week time frame. It’s a fast paced environment but worth every minute.

    Too, I pay a 5% referral.

    Maria Henderson
    Cell: 602-376-0480
    Fax: 480-212-7156

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