This Correction Is Good For America

We all know that pruned bushes grow fuller.  That’s all great…unless you are one of the branches pruned.  That’s what we see all across America today.  A lot of trimmed branches.  But we are also seeing how the branches left un-snipped are reacting.

Allow me to digress for a moment.  I was walking though my house today.  Two of my children had their music cd’s laying on the carpet, the dresser or wherever.  Why does this matter?  It shows a lack of care and understanding that those cost money. 

Me?  I tend to throw things away knowing I can just buy more if I actually need it.  Though I still have tendencies to go cheap.  I’m 43.  That will matter in a minute.

Some say I’m a Gen Xer.  Some say a Baby Boomer.  Personally, I associate myself more with X.  But let’s be clear, I firmly believe anyone under 40 years old has a hard time dealing with what the economy is doing right now.  Think about the crash of ’87 (was it ’87?).  Or the oil bust of the mid ’80s.  Or high inflation of in the late ’70s.  Anyone younger than 40 will have a hard time remembering that.

Especially the 20-somethings of today.  Imagine.  If you grew up middle class in America you believe it’s your God-given right to big screen televisions, 6% interest rates, huge vehicles and stainless steel on every appliance in the kitchen. 

I was watching tv the other night and I was struck by how spartan the kitchen was.  This was a 1970-something re-run.  I can’t imagine what the average family’s reaction to such a simple kitchen would be today.

Chris. Chris. Chris.  What pray-tell does this have to do with real estate investing in Kansas City?  You are always going off on these tangents!

I don’t really know.  I’ve seen many of my real estate friend disappear both locally and nationally.  I see the trimming taking a toll on everyday people here in the Kansas City area.  Yet, we are insulated from the carnage I see in other cities. 

Maybe we can take this moment in time to grow stronger.  That is what nature says we shall do.  Re-evaluate your goals and daily habits.  Make a few tweaks.  Dig in.  Analyze.  Go for it. 


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3 responses to “This Correction Is Good For America

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems like a lot of the players who have been knocked out of the game at this point are the ones that never should have been there in the first place. Those who adapt to the current climate will do quite well. If you are too lazy or don’t want to change you’ll just have to move on to something else.

    There were over 10,000 agents in the St. Louis Area last year. I for one wouldn’t be upset if half of them changed professions.

  2. KC has had as high as 13,000. And we are a lot smaller than St. Louis.

    No doubt a thinning needed to happen.

  3. What you are saying is true. In tough times the less committed will move on. There are opportunities out there and those who hold on will benefit. That said we here in Canada haven’t been hit as hard as you in the US, but things are getting tougher here.

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