I Have To Laugh

For those of you that saw my last post (scroll down) about how I think Fannie/Freddie sucks, well, I have to laugh.  Please laugh along with me.  Turns out that MY lender dudes (and dudette) tell me that the underwriting stip mentioned only has to do with when you are moving from primary to primary. 

This just goes to show you a few things;

  1. That the information both my client and I received was erroneous.  Make sure you work with a lender that knows the details of his stuff before talking.
  2. That I found it believable shows how fluid the whole investment property lending environment is right now.  I really feel like I’m spending too much time trying to figure out what the lastest regulations are.
  3. That I can be a little reactionary.  But longtime readers already knew that, right?

Now, I’m still not ready to retract my statement about my thoughts of F/F.  I’m only willing to say I was wrong and probably shouldn’t have written that post.  Sure I could just delete the post.  But I won’t.  I don’t want to pretend it didn’t happen.

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