Hands On Real Estate Investing Class

I spent a couple hours Saturday morning teaching a class down at the University of Missouri – Kansas City called Hands On Real Estate Investing.  And the audience of about 9 or 10 was very receptive. 

As you might expect one of the hot topics was financing and the availability of loans for the real estate investor.  But more than anything, and more than any other class I’ve taught at UMKC, there was a real hunger by a few of the participants to learn more about real estate investing.  Great questions that were well thought out.

One of the points I tried to drive home is that real estate investing in Kansas City is not rocket science.  Learn what the numbers are.  And work those numbers.  Work with someone that has the experience to show you the road.  That experience will definitely help you recognize troubles along the way.  Know that numbers are your best friend or your worst enemy.  They will work for you or against you…but they don’t care.  If you know how to read what the numbers are you’ll know which are the good seeds and which are the bad.

After all, the first rule of real estate investing is to not lose the money you have.  (See my purchase recently of more Sprint stock…I’m such an idiot when it comes to the stock market.)  After you’ve done the right research to find a stable property then you can forecast the gains that property will make over the long term.

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  1. Gen

    Will you be teaching another class soon? This sounds very interesting and I would like to learn more. Keep me posted if you are! Thanks!

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