Kansas City Real Estate Investing

There are great equity deals.  There are great cash flow deals.  Are there any deals with both?

Real estate investing is getting easier and harder all at the same time.  Financing an investment property is more challenging.  Not impossible.  Just more challenging.  But finance you must (a Lengquist must) in order to use leverage to your advantage.  Finding homes that meet your criteria, well, that’s gotten a little easier. 

Notice I didn’t say simple.  A good rental property still has to have certain aspects to make it attractive to possible tenants.  And it’s usually those nicer amenities that make the prospective rental property less attractive, affordability wise.  Ever notice how the nicer the property is the more money down it will take to make it cash flow?

There is a happy medium.  And for many out there that happy medium is a sliding scale depending on your target price point, cash available before and after closing and target tenant pool. 

Kansas City real estate investing is still a preferable path to travel than much of the country.  And I’ll still put our investment properties here in the heartland up against anything your stock market is doing.  One of the nice things about real estate in stable markets is it’s not prone to panic selling.  Thank you, Jesus.


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2 responses to “Kansas City Real Estate Investing

  1. SM

    I agree, having your money in real estate is a much better bet than the stock market. Of course you have to be smart with your decisions, but don’t we all. I do think people need to realize that they cannot spend outside of their means. That is partially what got us into this mess in the first place.

    Sean Murphy, Rofo – Oakland Office Space

  2. There simply is nothing more to add. Thanks for stopping by.

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