Proven Neighborhoods, Proven Rents

If you can take your eyes away from CNN and Fox News just for a moment, I’d like to remind you about the established neighborhoods I am familiar with when it comes to owning Kansas City area real estate investment property.

Pure Cash Flow
If you are looking for cash flow, cash flow, cash flow but do not want to be in neighborhoods where your personal safety is threatened, think the Skyline neighborhood over by the old Bannister Mall.  Or eastern Kansas City just east of I-435 and north of 63rd St.  And lastly, there is Ruskin.  By far the most labor intensive of the lot with the highest turn-over/vacancy rates.  But cash flow, none-the-less.

Some Cash Flow – Steady Values
Waldo.  Waldo.  Waldo.  Located close to downtown KC, the Plaza and with JoCo to the west Waldo is a great area to own or rent.  Working class homes mixed with homes of the upper middle class and everything in between.  Love the area.  Also a fan of the Kansas City, Kansas area right around the University of Kansas Medical Center.  But don’t stray too far…  And I love the Blue Springs area. 

Break Even Rental Housing That Appreciates…Regardless
Johnson County, Kansas is the great.  Housing values have softened.  Notice I said softened.  Not plummeted like much of the nation.  But rentals for 3 bedrooms, 2 baths are very hard to find.  Every property manager I know says rents are strong.


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3 responses to “Proven Neighborhoods, Proven Rents

  1. very informative blog. I invest in KC too. maybe we should get together next time I am in KC.

  2. Pat

    Where do I find a service to find a renter for a 3 BR 2 Bath small raised ranch in Shawnee. I need someone to screen and find a qualified renter, not to collect rent and maintain the property.

  3. You can call property managers and offer them the first month’s rent. But most want to be the property manager not just a leasing agent.

    You can tell Julie at The Rent Company about your property and see if she’ll show for one month’s rent. I’m sure they won’t do it for any less. Her number is 913.634.1035

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