Geno – My Duplex Is Different Than Yours (A Chicago Experience)

As regular readers know I took my new 16 year-old to Chicago Fri-Sun and had a great time.  Chicago has a new fan.  I loved it and so did Jacob.  And while we were there we got a call Friday morning from Geno Petro anxious to show us his town.

Geno picked us up around 10:30 and proceeded to give us a three hour tour of the city.  Lincoln Park.  Wrigleyville.  The Gold Cost. Lake Shore Drive.  Halstead Street.  The Wienerville hot dog stand.  Geno showed us real estate and gave us price points.  Oy.  Geno showed me what Chicago people call a duplex.  Much different than what Kansas Citians call a duplex.  Much different.

Then Geno turned us loose.  We took the blue train out to Bucktown and proceeded to walk and walk and walk.  A tennis-shoe tour of the city.  We even stumbled across a Jayhawk bar at the Armtiage stop of the brown line.  Further proof that the city of Chicago has class!

I highly recommend setting up rights-of-passages with your children.  I think we had a weekend to remember.  But I digress.

Getting back to a real estate take, I was very impressed with Chicago.  But their prices are much more extravagant than what we deal with here in Kansas City.  I’m not sure how I would work numbers up there.  My guess is they are not all that attractive.  Not Los Angeles real estate investing bad.  But less profitable than here.  And I’d have to learn all new terminology to get acclimated to that real estate market. 

Thank you Geno for the guided tour.  You are truly first class.  Thank you Chicago for letting us stay.  And thank you for the advice many of you gave through emails and comments.  The architectural tour was fun.  The dogs were good.  (You know, they are still hot dogs, right?)  And the pizza fabulous.

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  1. Chris,

    It was great rolling with you and the kid. Talk soon,


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