Previewing Possible Rental Property

I took a couple of hours yesterday and looked at some possible rental properties over in the Waldo area of Kansas City, MO.  I came away with three real good candidates and about 10 real losers.  The good candidates would all fit at least the 1% rule.  One is nearly turn-key while the other two are within $4,500 of being rent ready.  All fall below the $80,000 price range. 

If you would like me to send you these three homes (they are not my listings) just email me at listwithchris at and you know I’ll send them to you. 

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We are 23 1/2 days away from Midnight Madness.   That’s when the Kansas Jayhawks can start basketball practice for real.    We’re going to be real young and real inexperienced this upcoming year.  So it will be fun to watch these new kids develop.   And heck, we got our reward last April.

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I’m taking my very, very soon to be 16 year old to Chicago this weekend for his birthday present.  A new right-of-passage for the Lengquist household will be to take the new 16 year old’s away for a couple days as a last shot at having some influence over them as they begin to enter adulthood and explore their own ideas and ideals. 

If you know of any “must-sees” in Chicago, be sure to drop me an email today or tomorrow.

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There is a lot of uncertainty out there in the markets.  Stocks go up huge one day and down huge the next.  As least with real estate it’s all steady, right?  🙂  And if you bought on proper fundamentals you are not losing money on a month to month basis.  Today you can buy on even better fundamentals and make that property work for you.  I’d love to discuss this in detail.


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3 responses to “Previewing Possible Rental Property

  1. Chris,

    As as Chicago resident for the last 4 years I would recommend taking your son the the Wrigleyville area or Chicago. Although the Cubs are not in town this weekend, it is still a great place to grab some food and see historic Wrigley Field. Another great area to go is North Avenue Beach or going on the city architecture tour. I live here and I still go on that tour sometimes because it is so interesting. I hope these suggestions help.

    On a business note, I’m a real estate investor and work directly with a firm, Hanover Companies, who has been investing throughout the country for over thirty years. In particular we are potentially looking to get involved in the Kansas City Market and you seem to be the guy to get a hold of regarding investing in the area. Please give me a call whenever you have a chance and have a great time in Chicago, it is an amazing city.

    Best Regards,

    Patrick Russo
    Hanover Companies
    1824 W. Webster Ave Suite 102
    Chicago, IL 60614
    Direct: 773-305-1264
    Cell: 248-939-7426
    Fax: 312-277-2819

  2. Patrick,

    Thanks for the advice. And it was good talking with you earlier this evening.

  3. Don’t waste money on Sears Tower. The Hancock building (next door) has a restuarant on the top floor and just as high as the observation of the Sears Tower give or take some feet. You can get a dessert and stare out the 2nd tallest building until your 16 year old gets bored for a better price.

    There are also plenty of good jazz bars that will enlighten a teen. For the best milkshake and greasy spoon type food try R.J. Grunts just west of the Zoo if I remember correctly. Most of the great stuff is near Michigan Ave, Dowtown. This is also assuming all of these places are still there.

    Have a great time.

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