Suicide: It’s Only Money

I’m going to my cousin’s funeral today.  28 years old and a married father of 2 he hung himself on Thursday afternoon.  We weren’t close.  But he is blood.  I’m told he had financial troubles he always stressed over.  He lived in a very small town in rural Missouri where opportunity is difficult to find. 

This blog is dedicated to Kansas City real estate investing.  The purpose of this blog is to talk about REI.  To talk about income and wealth and making money.  But frankly, events such as I’ve described have to remind me, you and everyone that money is a tool.  It’s not who you are. 

Financial stress.  I’ve been there.  Maybe you have, too.  But it’s just money.  If you don’t have it to pay back you swallow your pride, declare bankruptcy, move on and figure out a way to do better.  You grasp at hope until hope becomes real.  You realize that those children and that spouse count on you for more than a paycheck.

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