Monument Rocks in Kansas

Warning!  This post has nothing to do with Kansas City real estate investing. 

Instead it has to do with me!  Well, really a natural treasure in western Kansas.  Behind my boys and I you see the Monument Rocks located about a half hour northeast of Scott City, KS.  That’s about 330 miles from where I live in Olathe, Kansas.  That’s a lot of driving without ever leaving the state. 

Anyway, these “rocks” are made of chalk.  Brittle to the touch.  If you are ever driving through western Kansas on I-70 it would behoove you to make the trip south about 45 minutes to see these.  I fear they won’t be around 500 years from now because they are so brittle.

This area of Kansas used to be an ocean.  It is country filled with fossils and archaeological finds like a pueblo about 15 minutes south of here.  It’s the northern most pueblo ever discovered. 

Anyway, I thought I would just share this with you who only hear of Kansas’ endless wheat and corn fields.   We do have those.  But we do have these treasures, too.

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