Housing, Geocaching & Father/Son Bonding

A few miscellaneous thoughts heading into the weekend…

…no doubt about it.  From the overall slow down in phone calls these last two weeks I’d say too many of you are reading the reports of other states and applying them here.  While Kansas City is NOT immune to the troubles going on around many parts of the country if you are a real estate investor you need to educate yourself as to the facts here in KC!

…every year before school starts I take my boys on a father-son trip.  Places we’ve been include Cunningham Fallsand Assateague Island in Maryland.  Cooperstown, NY to see George Brett get inducted.  Six Flags over Texas and then Six Flags over Missouri.  Crystal hunting in western Oklahoma.  The Smithsonian Institution’s Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, KS.  Yes, Hutchinson.   This year we are heading out to go Geocaching in central Kansas in some of the most rugged terrain the state has to offer.  And before you make some snide comment you are welcome to come and try and keep up!  The time spent with the kids pays off all year.

…getting ready to head out to that Radon and Real Estate Workshop I told you about.  Don’t forget about the Rehab & Rent Workshop.  The seats for that one are going surprisingly fast.  Over 3/4 full already! 

…God has blessed us to live in a free country.  You’ll see a lot of propaganda about the economic development in China.  Just remember that you still need permission and permits to worship as you choose there.  See if they remember to mention that.

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