Bad Guy Update

A few days ago I wrote about a crooked real estate investor that operates here in the Kansas City area.  Upon futher research and confirmation I did find that he holds a real estate license and holds it with a different franchise of the same company I work for!  Well, this simply won’t do.

I’m happy to say that this person will no longer have his license with Keller Williams Realty effective Friday.  Why Friday?  I’m not sure.  But I have been assured that he’s gone.  Good.  One less yahoo out there causing problems.

And I heard from Ben Edsall over at Turn-Key properties that this crooked real estate investor stuck a bank he works for with over 100 properties.  100!  One hundred!  Uno hundred!  Can you imagine? 

And still two different sources have assured me the FBI is investigating the dude.  I don’t take joy in the misery of others.  But this guy deserves all he’s gonna get. 

When you are looking to invest in real estate you better check out who you are going into business with.  Anything less than 100% transparency should be huge waving red flag.


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2 responses to “Bad Guy Update

  1. It’s interested to see that over in the US you have the same problems wiith crooked property professionals (and I use the term “property professonals” very loosely, since I don’t think they should be called that)

    If we can stop one more from taking people for a ride then all the better.

  2. Carl – crooks are everywhere. Thanks for reading.

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