Putting An Investor Behind Bars: I Hope I Succeed With This Real Estate Fraud Professional

Shortly after writing this post on yet more real estate fraud in Kansas City I’m going to be sending off an email to the Kansas City Star letting them know I have a story gift-wrapped for them, if they would like. 

I’ve run into this fraudulent investor before.  And he was the inspiration for the post on real estate fraud that I wrote back in May.  I’m not yet ready to name names (though the photo is a clue) but I am ready to turn the story over to someone who will.  I’m also making myself available right here right now to the FBI and any other law enforcement communities that would like my assistance with this fraudulent real estate investor and another I’m working on right now for someone else. 

It’s time to put an end to this.  Heck, the guy I’m talking about still has his real estate license!  You could be calling him tomorrow for advice! 

I want him to lose his license, suffer public humiliation, make restitution on those straw buyers he conned and spend time behind bars.  And guess where they met him?  Church!!!!


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5 responses to “Putting An Investor Behind Bars: I Hope I Succeed With This Real Estate Fraud Professional

  1. Is Kanasa City Real Esate holding up?

  2. It’s fine in some areas, good in others and not so good to bad in still others. I suspect that’s like most cities in the midwest.

  3. I’m waiting for more details. When do we get to read all the dirt on this one?

    I’m Minding My Own Business, are you minding yours?

  4. I’m still not ready to write the name down for everyone but if you call I’ll tell you. 🙂

    All I know is that I have confirmation that the FBI is now investigating.

  5. Gee, I’m sure I know them, but the clues just aren’t giving it up yet. There are so many crooks in this industry it’s hard to narrow it down.

    Theres one that sells BLUE sky to investors, sells them the MOON and takes all their CAPITAL. But the red heart with the cross just isn’t ringing any bells.

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