Tenants And Your Investment Property

Owning Kansas City investment property would be a lot more fun if it just weren’t for those darned tenants.  Right? 

Honestly, most of my problems with the investment property I own and/or manage (not looking to manage more…) comes from some of the questionable decisions made by tenants.  But let me be clear here, I really don’t have too much trouble.  I do tend to screen pretty heavily and I do treat them right.

But one thing I surely do is inspect the properties every 90 to 120 days.  I go in and change their furnace filter and look around under the sinks for water leaks.  I look at the bathroom walls to be sure the grout is still good and water isn’t leaking behind to the dry wall causing horrific problems for later down the road.  I make sure the dog isn’t chewing though my carpet or walls. 

Clothes all over the floor?  I can live with that.  Fist-sized holes in walls or doors tells me I have a tenant that cannot manage their anger and needs to be encouraged to leave as soon as the lease is up.  Drug paraphanelia?  Gone.  That’s a lease violation that isn’t open to interpretation. 

The point here is to go in and examine your properties three or four times during the course of a lease.  Most tenants, your good ones, have no problem with this and in fact see the benefit to them.  Anyone that doesn’t want me in is telling me they are not taking care of the property. 

Just some thoughts to help you successfully own Kansas City investment property.

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