Kansas City’s Mixed Bag Of News

I’ve written before how hopeful I was that the Bombardier Aircraft company would locate it’s new manufacturing facility up by our Kansas City International Airport.  Looks like it’s not going to happen.  Couple that with Anheuser-Bush leaving for Belgium (in a manner of speaking) and it wasn’t a very good day for the entire State of Missouri.  How do you say “This Buds for you” in Belgian?  I do like Bud Light and Bud. Though I usually prefer Boulevard Brewing out of KC.

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The Kansas City Royals are not the worst!  The Kansas City Royals are not the worst!  Hey, 1985 was a very long time ago.  So I take my victories where I can find them.  Do you want to know who the worst teams are?  Seattle (37 wins), Cleveland (41), Washington (36), San Francisco (40), Colorado (39) and San Diego (37).  Heck, we’d only be 4 games back out of first in the NL West.  What is the NL West, a minor league division?  Wasn’t there some bawldguy predicting a World Series from sunny San Diego?  Bwaaahahahahahahahaha.  (Is that enough taunting?)  🙂

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Olathe, Kansas is officially the 24th fastest growing community in America.  Apparently we’re great as far as heart-attack help, too.  Good thing with all of our fast-food restaurants.


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4 responses to “Kansas City’s Mixed Bag Of News

  1. We’re so bad this year we have to look up to see down. ‘Course it’s not the norm, so that must mean we’re not Kansas City, right?

  2. Hey, Kansas City is not Kansas City this year! We have a bunch of young guys. Which means NY, Boston and LA are probably sending scouts to each of our games knowing full well we won’t be able to afford them once they improve enough not to suck.

  3. John Skupny

    At least we can count on Boulevard Brewing Company to carry the Kansas City and Missouri flag while all else recovers…

  4. I’m a Bully Porter man…. Also a fan of the Pale Ale.

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